Amir at your Camp

Amir interviews exceptional young adults each year, and identifies the candidate(s) who will be best suited to each camps’ needs. Partner camps make the final decision on their hires, and Farmers become integrated employees working for the camp.

Amir’s greatest expertise lies in training young adults to be outstanding Jewish garden educators. Through our week-long training program and curriculum developed by experienced Jewish environmental educators, our Farmer(s) comes prepared to build a beautiful garden and run impactful programming.

We put together crop orders that are appropriate for your camp’s climate, and work with local nurseries to ensure your camp’s plants arrive without a hitch. Our experienced team works with camp leadership to ensure that their full vision for the garden comes to life. We maintain detailed information about your camp’s garden, enabling the program to improve each year even if the garden staff turns over. Additionally, each Farmer is matched with an experienced Mentor. Through weekly check-ins throughout the summer, mentors can help Farmers troubleshoot agricultural & programmatic questions.

Amir Farms are beautiful spaces that hold special places in the hearts of campers and staff. Let us know if you’d like to speak to one of our partner camps’ Directors to hear how the farm has enriched their community.

Bringing Amir to your Camp


“The garden became a magical place for a group of campers to really be seen for who they are. They found their place and their voice at camp with their hands in the dirt. They even got together to host a Harvest Festival including invitations, decorations, food, and media.”
- Carolyn Harari, Assistant Director, Jacobs Camp

“We are thrilled about what Amir brings to camp, it is educational, it is fun, and our campers get so much out of it!” Alicia Berlin, Camp Director, Camp Louise

“Working with Amir was the right choice! Our gardening/farming program thrived. We watched our campers learn to be a part of something bigger than themselves. They were excited to be in the garden with our Amir farmer, whether it was to weed the garden, play with the chickens, plant crops, or harvest crops. Our program was extremely successful thanks to the farmer and curriculum that Amir provided. We can wait for our next summer partnering with them!” - Lindsey Cohen, Assistant Director, Coleman Camp

Program Features

Cooking on the Farm

There’s nothing better than eating what you grow, an opportunity cherished by many of our campers.

Animal Husbandry

Chickens, goats, ducks, rabbits, and animals of all varieties bring new life and educational opportunities to your camp.

Community Events

Host a pre-camp planting, early fall harvest, or activity at Family Camp to engage the larger camp community in your garden.

Waste Reduction / Composting

Create a composting system in the dining hall to reduce your camp’s waste and provide great soil for the garden.

Food Donation

Connect with local food pantries to give excess food to those in need.

We Want an Amir Farm!